J.D. Salbego Speaks at Blockshow 2018 Singapore

Speaking on “The Maturity Of Blockchain” at Blockshow Asia

With the market turned upside down are you a HODLR, BEAR, or a BULL? Or…just FUDding around ????

The DotCom Bubble that paved the way for the tech industry as we know it today, went through the exact same crashes (Amazon, Priceline, Oracle, etc). Despite what position you take, I believe this industry has barley begun to see its full potential! ????

Ending on that positive note, who’s going to Blockshow Asia 2018? I’ll be speaking on 11/29 at 2pm on “The Maturity of Blockchain”

J.D. Salbego Speaking at Blockshow 2018 SingaporeBlockshow Asia 2018 – Singapore

Powered by Cointelegraph, BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore will gather all the flagship topics of today’s Blockchain Environment: investing, regulations, governments, blockchain use-cases, and corporates stepping up the game. All that the worldwide audience is interested in. Also, we are going to discuss the hottest local matters and tendencies in the Asian region – considering the past, sharing visions and working towards the future.

With over 10 official events and growing throughout 5 days, Blockchain Week Asia is taking 2018 out with a bang!

The Maturity of Blockchain

In fact, in spite of the recent crashes in the market, I fully believe in moving towards mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, in order to create a more secure and transparent virtual future. The industry’s latent potential has great chances of flourishing with mass adoption. An increasing number of real use-cases all across the world suggest that structurally or theoretically speaking, the blockchain technology is ready for widespread use.

Leveraging its unique structure not only helps to strengthen existing business ideas but also opens up avenues for more exciting opportunities. For example, blockchain technology is capable of verifying ownership of any number of unique digital assets. Mass adoption could herald a new virtual market for licensed digital collectibles, much like the currently popular physical collectibles market. Blockchain is also great for circumventing the traditional banking institutions, decentralizing banking services for even those who live in remote locations. This might prove to be a valuable trait to cash in on, in the future, making banking a safe and easy to access online process.

Mass Adoption Beyond Just Cryptocurrency

In order to harness the transformational powers of the technology, including cryptocurrency – its most popular use-case, a few things may need to happen, however. Due to this decentralized nature of the blockchain or crypto technology, regulation can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Additionally, technological know-how is required to have a smart and well-rounded understanding of the disruptive potential of blockchain. Better coordination and self-regulation within the ecosystem will hasten development and mass adoption by enhancing collaboration and cooperation. Standardization across frameworks will also provide much-needed legitimacy and endear the technology to wary authorities. Associations like the Global Blockchain Association work towards achieving this very goal.

Another key point here is the digitizing of securities and capital markets processes. Growth of the new STO market which will be like traditional securities in the sense that investors have protection methods is another way to move forward into mass adoption. Upgrading security systems to be able to combat all sorts of cyber threats including hacking will also work in favor of mass adoption in the near future.


J.D. Salbego