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J.D. Salbego is also a featured columnist on the #1 blockchain news site Cointelegraph.com

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Watch J.D.'s new interview at the New York Stock Exchange on the FinTech.TV

The interview covered his “Future of Payments” trending article and key note presentation from recent conference speaking appearances.

Check out J.D.'s recent collaboration series article on Cointelegraph.com

His article deep dives into a market analysis on the state of blockchain mass adoption with collaboration and riveting insights from other industry leaders Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Alex Mashinsky, and Miko Matsumura

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J.D. is a internationally-recognized subject matter expert regularly invited to host presentations and speak at leading conferences and events worldwide like World Economic Forum, BlockShow, Delta Summit, etc., alongside industry leaders such as Tim Draper, Brock Pierce, Roger Ver, Chang “CZ” Pengzhao, Charles Hoskinson, and Don Tapscott.


J.D. is a recognized global blockchain, crypto assets, digital securities, and decentralized finance executive and startup advisor. He's worked with the some of the biggest global blockchain and crypto asset leaders who have cumulatively raised, manage, and generated over $2Bn, spanning across U.S.A, Asia and Europe.


J.D. is a published author and influential blockchain leader frequently interviewed and quoted. His work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Entrepreneur, etc. In 2018, Forbes and Business Insider linked J.D.’s work in Japan to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Speaking & Keynotes

Delta Summit 2019 - Malta (OKEx Malta Tech Week)

J.D. Salbego speaks main stage on “STO Regulation and the Future of Fundraising” at the Delta Summit/OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019, with leading innovators like “CZ” Changpeng Zhao, Joseph Muscat Prime Minister of Malta, Silvio Schembri Junior Minister of Malta, Tim Byun CEO of OKCoin, Joseph Portelli Chairman of Malta Stock Exchange, Abdalla Kablan, etc.

World Economic Forum 2019 - Davos, Switzerland

J.D. presented his key note “Surviving Mass Adoption” among global leaders like Don Tapscott, Jack Ma, Tim Draper, Christine Lagard (IMF), Sir David Attenborough, Kristalina Georgieva, (CEO of the World Bank), Wang Qishan (VP of the People’s Republic of China), Rosen Plevneliev (President of Bulgaria 2012-17), Jason Hsu (Taiwan Crypto Congressman), Stephen Murchison (Bank of Canada), etc.

BlockShow 2018 - Singapore, Powered by Cointelegraph

J.D. discussed the “Maturity of Blockchain”, and the many exciting developments that have brought us closer to mass adoption and institutionalization alongside other industry leaders like Bobby Lee, Jason “Crypto Congressman” Hsu (Taiwan Congressman), Ted Lin (CGO Binance ), Stanley Yong (CTO IBM), Dr. Ben Goertzel, Tone Vays, etc.

About J.D. Salbego

J.D. Salbego is a highly-respected global leader in blockchain, digital assets, tokenized securities, and decentralized finance with a history of working with industry-leading startups, crypto funds, institutions, and governments. J.D. currently serves as CEO of BitTok.io, a Singapore based Crypto Exchange. Prior, he held past positions as CEO of leading global blockchain & crypto investment bank and market advisory Legion Ventures, with previous COO and senior management positions with successful Asian companies including Head of US West Coast of Investment Bank & Asia STO market leader CoinStreet Partners. He has raised over $80M ($45M+ from crowd funding) for projects and clients.

Recent Posts

JD-Salbego-London Blockchain Week 2020-Key Note Presentation

London Blockchain Week 2020 and The Future of Finance

Blockchain is already creating major shifts that will impact the global economy, technology, industry, and financial systems, while also converging with other frontier technologies including Big Data, AI, and IoT. Just before almost the entire world went into lockdown as protection from the raging Coronavirus, I had a great time during London Blockchain Week 2020 giving an opening keynote presentation and moderating an awesome panel at the London Blockchain Summit, which included Teana Baker Taylor, Shuhei Kataoka, and Yves Guillaume

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Can Blockchain Survive Mass Adoption

Can Blockchain Survive Mass Adoption? Future Perils Disclosed

Originally published on Cointelegraph.com Prediction can be a bit of a gamble. And when cryptocurrency and blockchain are involved, it wouldn’t be surprising to see people shying away from scrying experiments of any sort. Blockchain gets a bad rep because of its relation to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which many love to hate due to its apparently volatile value. But according to George Gilder, co-founder of the Discovery Institute in Seattle, “Blockchain is the future…it will usher in a world beyond

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bitcoin blockchain

Blockchain Innovation – The Future of Payments and Borderless P2P Commerce

December 2019, I was invited to give a keynote presentation at the Next Block Conference in Bangkok, during the Thailand Blockchain Week 2019. There I spoke on the Future of Payments and Borderless P2P Commerce. It was a fun filled week and I also spoke on “Blockchain and The Future of Banking” at the World Blockchain Summit Bangkok the day before. In this article I elaborate on the topic of my 30-minute presentation to highlight the ways in which blockchain

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