The Interoperable Metaverse

“When it comes to the interoperable Metaverse, you have to weigh up long term aspirations against the immediate technological possibility. The potential in five, fifty, or a hundred years, versus what is feasible in 2022.”

The Metaverse is in flux, a gargantuan monster barely out of the philosophical constraints of web 2.0. There are no universal protocols or blueprint on which course we should all be heading, collectively. What is agreed is The Metaverse will change the human experience for billions. Finance, culture, and entertainment all wound up in a digital society of creative and personal freedom.

No gamers, no Metaverse

With no common ideology however, it is down to the gamers – no matter how much the fashion industry will try to tell you otherwise – to imagine and create the next phase of the Metaverse. That phase is interoperability, the end game for the decentralized Metaverse. gDEX has the building blocks and tools to start making that a reality. Fasten your seatbelts, things are going to move fast.

What is an interoperable Metaverse, and why does it matter?

An interoperable Metaverse matters because gamers are tired of having their time, energy, resources and endeavour chained to a handful of closed game engines and platforms. In a world which moves, digital assets should move.

Interoperability in the Metaverse is a story of continuity. Players in the Metaverse must have the ability to take their in-game assets with them, across borders, blockchains and games, they must be able to continue the story of their Metaverse outside of any imposed walled gardens in which it could begin. Ethereum to Polkadot, Bitcoin to Solana, Wax, Polygon, Hive. Game to game, platform to platform, Metaverse to Metaverse. This movement of assets should be frictionless, effortless, and standard.
Time and money invested in one part of the Metaverse must have value in another part of the Metaverse. In other words, spend two months of your life battling in game ‘A’, then take your weapons, shields, power-ups and friends into game ‘B’.

Time and Assets in an interoperable Metaverse

But what if game ‘B’ is a racing game and game ‘A’ an intergalactic space operatic RPG? Traditionally, finishing a game meant the end of the line. Your time investment vanished into the ether, your weapons, shields, crystal balls or tent pegs left to gather dust in an in-game wallet or rucksack. In an interoperable Metaverse this doesn’t happen. In fact, the opposite occurs. Interoperable means anti-fragile. Rather than diminishing to zero, on completion your items increase in value.

Let’s get one thing clear, just because you play games and write and draw and create and have hobbies and socialise and collect, doesn’t mean you have to make money from them. You don’t have to monetize everything in some kind of capitalist dystopian future of clicking for crypto, an interoperable Metaverse doesn’t mean this, it means you have a choice.

gDEX’s platform applies the same interoperable philosophy. Companies, schools, governments and individuals must have the option to move real estate, assets and money across blockchains, across platforms. Once again, interoperability is about continuity, about moving from one point in your life to the next, without being forced to leave your belongings behind. Time is precious, an interoperable Metaverse gives value to that time.

The interoperable Metaverse is a new frontier of infinite possibilities driven by gamers. Gamers seeking to prosper from community owned virtual economies. Travelling gamer natives traversing the Metaverse, crossing chains and borders, moving through platforms and games with no friction, seamless transitions. The removal of the silo, the deconstruction of the status quo for something more free.

The Avatar in the Interoperable Metaverse

The interoperable Metaverse will be conducted via your avatar. The ever present digital incarnation of you. You may have many avatars, all a different representation of your mood and whims and behaviour. These avatars will be your asset custodian, the cross chain communication device to which all of your tokens, assets and experiences are connected. Where your avatar goes, your NFTS go, and as such, your value. Connected, universal. No walled gardens, no logins. Permissionless, portable, everywhere.

As a Creator as interoperable Metaverse allows you to cast aside the constraints of platform, blockchain and choice of cryptocurrency, freeing your creativity to build the next Web3 game, art, characters and worlds. An interoperable Metaverse opens up another source of monetization, royalties and financial opportunity.

When Grayscale values the Metaverse at a trillion, investors take notice. Advertising, global events, e-commerce on a scale never before seen, the rewiring of the financial institutions. When the Metaverse is interoperable, all of these monetization channels will be infinitely more accessible and profitable.
And most of all, as a gamer, an interoperable Metaverse is a place of excitement, choice and incredible games. gDEX allows this continuity across the Web3 Metaverse and is making it happen. Join the next phase of the Metaverse. Join the revolution.

J.D. Salbego