J.D. Salbego speaking at FinTech4Good's NYC Security Token Forum with Tim Draper, TZero Group, Securitize, Templum, Malta Stock Exchange, Microsoft Blockchain, OKCoin, etc.

Recap presenting at NYC Security Token Forum with Tim Draper, tZERO, Securitize, Templum, and more

Presenting at FinTech4Good’s NYC Security Token Forum

After a successful 4 country trip on my ASIA STO Roadshow, speaking engagements, and presenting with SharesPost in Tokyo at the Tokyo FinTech March 19′ event, I hit NYC to speak at the 2019 NYC Security Token Forum. There were some incredible speakers and companies like Tim Draper, TemplumtZeroSecuritizeAtomic Capital, and more. We had some great coverage and a video of my discussion is below.

J.D. Salbego speaks at FinTech4Good's 2019 NYC Security Token Forum with Tim Draper, TZero Group, Securitize, Templum, Malta Stock Exchange, Microsoft Blockchain, OKCoin, etc.I was honored to speak at the #NYCSecurityTokenForum with other Digital Securities and Blockchain leaders like Tim Draper, Vincent Molinari & Annemarie Tierney of Templum, Frank Walczak of tZERO, Yorke Rhodes of Microsoft Blockchain, Jeff Bandman, Joseph Portelli of Malta Stock Exchange, Wilfred Daye of OKCoin, Brian Farber of Securitize, Andre Serrano of NovaBlock Capital, Zarah Tinholt of iComply, Alexander S. Blum of Atomic Capital, Kenneth A. Goodwin, and many more.

Presenting on Digital Securities Markets and Regulation

In the video, I discuss key issues around STOs (preferably called Smart Security Offerings), Digitizing Assets, Regulation, Strategy, and building collaborations for the emergence of a healthy ecosystem. As well, my co-panelist Andre Serrano of NovaBlock Capital helped fuel some great discussions with his expertise. I broke down STOs and digitizing assets on a very basic level to really clarify what this is all about. There are a lot of misconceptions and lack of education in the industry still going on, and it’s really up to our community to educate internally and externally to help push this industry forward into mass adoption. Stepping away from just purely talking about a new type of fundraising vehicle (well…oldschool wrapped in tech), what we’re really talking about here as a whole, is utilizing blockchain and DLT to update and enhance a global industry and market.

Being one of the first movers in a brand new industry that is set to completely change the entire global finance, investing, & trading industries comes with many pros and challenges…BUT, the ride is all worth it to be one of the few working on something this impactful and literarily building a global market from scratch.

The Security Token Offering (STO), or what I prefer the “Smart Security Offering” (SSO) has emerged as a new and compliant model to raise funds. It is estimated the TAM will grow to $10 trillion in the coming 10 years. However, it’s still in a very early stage and many traditional investors and companies are not well informed of the benefits and challenges of digitizing securities and really, every other asset. As well, many outsiders (and some insiders) think STO is still synonymous to ICOs. NO BUENO!

See the Digital Securities Video Recap!

J.D. Salbego